Unit 1 - Introduction

1. An Introduction to Teaching Other Subjects in English

Welcome to Teaching Other Subjects in English!

You may have just qualified as an English teacher or been teaching for a number of years. You love being in the classroom and teaching English using engaging activities which positively help your students learn. Then your director says:

“This year we are going to teach other subjects in English. Here is your timetable. You'll be starting with history and science."  

What would you think? Possible suggestions could be: 

1. I teach English not science or history. 

2. I only know about ELT methodology.

3. I haven’t got time to learn four or five other subjects as well as plan my lessons.

Take a moment and make a list of your thoughts about suddenly being asked to teach another subject in English. It doesn’t matter if your list is short or long. When you have finished, underline what you consider to be the key words in each sentence. Finally, save your list because we will return to it later in the course.